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Fall Pool Closing Services

Astro recommends that you close your pool in early fall before the first frost, like around the end of September and early October. This cooler fall temperatures is better for winterizing the filtration equipment and balancing the water pH if the pool will have standing water over winter.

It is best to have your pool closed by a trained pool service professional, as this is an essential part to the operational success of your swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi or hot tub for the next summer season.

Astro's professional pool closing services includes:
  • Replacement or installation of winter cover
  • Cleaning of organic materials from pool or spa
  • Installation of winterizing plugs
  • Pool Sealing if cracks developed over summer
  • Winterization, cleaning and de-activation of filtration equipment
  • Disassembly of pool accessories like ladders, diving boards, lights, etc.
  • Addition of winterization chemicals
We also offer a drain and wash options for pools that are made of concrete that may need a more thorough cleaning as debris and other organic materials make their way into the units filters, lines and other areas of the pool.

The pool may have to be drained and cleaned with chlorine, acid or other cleaning products if needed. Astro's professional pool closer's can determine the appropriate services at the time of closing if needed.
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